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Incorporated in 2009-10, Aster e Technologies is a leading supplier of equipment, materials, technology and services to the Semiconductor, Solar Photovoltaic & Li Battery manufacturing Industry. We support for Semiconductor front-end-of-line, back end of line, Characterization technologies, Solar Cell & Module production with high class technical expertise and proven technology support.Our drive for customer satisfaction does not end at the sale of the equipment, but our niche area is the after sales support provided years later as well.


Trade Partner for North America regions for Semiconductor equipment, Solar PV and Lithium battery producing companies.
After-Sales support for products. MEMS foundry Services.

Solar PV Frame fabrication machines for multi quantity processing for long and short frame

We offer complete packaging lines, right from packing the loose products into bags, followed by secondary cartons and then finally into cases.

Turnkey Project for PV Module Testing lab


Become a trusted long-term partner to manufacturers by helping them to produce the best quality and cost-effective products in the Semiconductor, Solar PV and Lithium battery industry.

To provide innovative technology and manufacturing solutions to customers, and stay competitive in the global market.
To extend the support as marketing partner to semiconductor equipment manufacturers to achieve sustainable business growth through market intelligence, creativity, result-oriented strategies and concepts.


  • 2021
  •  Incorporate Aster e Technologies Inc.
     Setup Office in Longueuil, Quebec
     Setup Service Centers in Canada
     Industry Focus: Solar PV, Semiconductor/ microelectronics
     Market Focus: Canada

  • 2022
  •  Demo tools (Spin and Dip Coaters)
     Explore MEMS Foundry service
     Explore possibilities of stocking Solar Panels
     Add Test tools for Solar PV outdoor testing service

  • 2023
  •  Explore assembly setup possibilities for Spin Coater
     Expand market to USA
     Explore partnership options for perovskite module manufacturing

  • 2024
  •  Setup Service centers in USA
     Explore assembly setup possibilities for Dip Coater in Canada
     Explore partnership for developing PV mobile testing lab

  • 2025
  •  Setup assembly for EI/PL tester for solar PV industry
     Explore fully automatic Spin Coater developer assembly possibilities

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